This relationship should change your life.

Selecting a wealth manager can be a leap into the great unknown. Not with Covington.

From our first encounter, you enter a warm, caring relationship. The people you meet with are the same people who work with you day-to-day. The folks who help you plan are the same ones doing nitty-gritty investment research and analysis for you.

When you have a problem that needs solving, we dig into it and offer you thoughtful solutions. When there’s an opportunity, we identify it and present it to you. When things get esoteric, we explain them to you in clear, simple language.

Over time, our relationship just gets more personal.

Because we know you so well, we’re able to present you with real solutions that really fit your life. Whether we’re engaged in planning, investing or one of the 50 other helpful tasks we happily take on for you, the standard remains the same — the ultimate level of service a wealth management firm can provide you.