Day-to-day guidance.

Here’s how our relationship works: We are always accessible to you. Thinking of buying a vacation or rental property, but not sure when and how? Let’s talk. Looking to plan a family meeting to discuss your estate? Give us a call. Considering a career move? Negotiating a new auto lease?

No topic is too big or small. Chances are good we’ve dealt with it many times before. Our steadfast support gives you a sounding board, and a feeling of confidence in your decisions.

We are your hub.

If you are like most of your clients, you’re plenty busy with your career and family. Running all your financial affairs on top of that can be a crushing load. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. We routinely serve as the hub of our clients’ financial lives, coordinating CPAs, bankers, estate attorneys, property managers, real estate agents.

We’ll play as broad or focused a role as you need us to. Our goal is to help run all this infrastructure, so you can get maximum enjoyment out of your life.

Our network is your network.

We do a lot for our clients. For the things we don’t do, we rely on our large network of trusted professionals. As our client, you gain instant access to that network. We know excellent tax accountants, attorneys, mortgage brokers, doctors, travel planners, building contractors, interior designers, auto brokers, caterers, college consultants. We’re happy to make the introduction to people we know will come through for you.

All the ways we make your life run more smoothly.

Access to credit

We get you access to liquidity when you need it, without derailing your investments.

Financial education

We teach you and your next generation how to make smart, confident choices with your money.


We seamlessly integrate checking, wire transfers, mobile banking and bill pay with your portfolio.


We advise on charitable vehicles and strategies that make giving joyful and meaningful.

Covington and you

Tax planning

We work with your CPA to define tax-sensitive investments and stay on top of new tax laws.

Estate transition

We work with your trustees, accountants and attorneys to ensure the smooth transition of your assets.

Just about anything

Need access to experts in real estate, private aviation, college counseling or anything else? Just ask.

Risk management

We recommend strategies and insurance to manage, reduce or eliminate risk.

Looking around the corner.

It’s a huge relief to have an expert to rely on, to deal with life’s inevitable ups and downs. It’s also empowering to have a team of specialists looking out into the future for you. We may anticipate the impact of a shift in the political winds on your situation. We may identify a new tax strategy you can benefit from. Or we may discover a new app that can help you whip some particular day-to-day challenge. It’s our job, and our pleasure, to be perpetually proactive on your behalf.

Ultimately, the service experience we create for you will be dictated by your particular wants and needs. It will have its own specific components and dynamic, and its own personality, dictated 100 percent by you.