Don’t be fooled by our friendly demeanor. At Covington, when it’s time to create and execute your investment strategy, we bring an intense, scientific mindset to the task. Here’s more about what distinguishes our approach.

We invest according to your unique plan.

When we invest your assets, we are laser-focused on one goal — creating the stability, returns and liquidity you need to fulfill the vision defined in your personal financial plan. We don’t try to grow your assets just for the sake of growth, a practice that commoditizes investment management at the expense of personal service.

Instead, our strategies reflect your future plans, your spending and cash flow needs, your career trajectory, your family circumstances, your values, your feelings about risk, and many more variables defined in your plan. We also offer ESG or impact investing, in which we specifically identify opportunities to support companies on social and environmental missions to make the world a better place. We can apply this sustainable investing overlay to any investment strategy.

Day-to-day, you work directly with your portfolio manager.

This is rare. It’s also invaluable. All of our portfolio managers are hands-on investment analysts, with decades of experience building sophisticated strategies for institutions and individuals.

When you interact with us about your investments, you speak directly to an expert who knows everything about your plan, your portfolio and your goals. They know exactly what you own and exactly why you own it. This seamlessly integrated approach allows us to manage your financial affairs with the highest levels of precision and continuity.

We focus on investing in individual securities.

You should know that we have no in-house products to sell you. We are free to choose from the entire universe of investment products for your portfolio. You should also understand something quite unusual about our investment approach — while most firms invest primarily in broad funds, we emphasize investing in individual securities.

This is a more time-consuming endeavor for us. But our experience has shown this to be the best approach for our clients. It gives us much greater ability to tune your portfolio to your specific objectives, risk tolerance and investment style. It allows us to make precise decisions and respond quickly to market news. It also enables us to reduce fees and taxes that can take a bite out of your returns if not monitored closely.

The portfolio we design for you is sophisticated and dynamic.

We apply no pat formulae, nor do we force-fit you into some pre-configured model portfolio. Instead, we invest the many hours required to build you a portfolio custom-crafted to your precise goals, liquidity needs, appetite for risk, time horizon, personal values, tax considerations, and more.

We painstakingly analyze a vast range of investments on your behalf. These run the gamut from stable, income-oriented vehicles like cash and bonds to riskier, higher yield categories like emerging market stocks and unconventional alternatives. Each portfolio we construct is unique, balanced and strategically diversified.

Over time, we monitor your portfolio closely, tuning its composition regularly in response to changes in the market environment and your needs. Our explicit goal at every stage is to provide you with the absolute highest caliber of investment management you can get.

Visualizing sophisticated, dynamic investing

Each investment in your portfolio adds something distinct, such as stability, liquidity or potential for growth. The way we combine them is complex, and unique to you. Your portfolio evolves as your goals and circumstances evolve, and in response to market conditions.

High-return alternatives

Emerging market stocks

International stocks

Small cap stocks

U.S stocks

Preferred stocks

Income alternatives

Corporate bonds

Government bonds

Municipal bonds


When we’re focused on preserving capital, your portfolio might look like this.

Here, we’re balancing capital preservation and growth.

Here, we’re focused on growth.

Seven tenets of our investment approach.

  • We help you define clear, realistic objectives.

    Together, we develop a precise articulation of your specific financial and investment goals, to guide our work.

  • We aim to achieve optimal balance.

    We work to achieve your investment goals while controlling volatility and meeting your stewardship, philanthropic and transition objectives.

  • We deliver solutions and services appropriate to your situation.

    Everything we recommend for you and everything we do is customized to your specific wealth management needs and objectives. Our advice is independent of any outside influence or conflicts of interest.

  • We focus on the long term.

    We choose investments on the basis of value, not because they’re popular or trendy.

  • We aim to earn you consistent investment returns.

    We do it through a combination of strategic asset allocation, diversification and tax-efficient active management.

  • We manage risk to your comfort level.

    While there will always be bear and bull markets, we prioritize protecting your capital on the downside over the pursuit of upside performance.

  • We function as your trusted fiduciary.

    As your fiduciary, we adhere to the highest ethical standard. We place your interests first — above every other consideration — at all times.

A full discussion of investments and our specific approach runs deep and wide. It’s a complex subject, and one that is near and dear to our hearts. You can consider this the introduction. When we meet, we can dig as deep as you want.