We lead you through a process that addresses the rich qualitative questions as well as the quantitative:

  • What is your unique life story?
  • What are your dreams and aspirations, for yourself and future generations?
  • What are your most treasured personal values?
  • What gives meaning to your life?
  • What makes you happiest?
  • What keeps you up at night?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? How about in ten?

We listen carefully to your responses to these and many more open-ended, thought-provoking questions. In the process, we establish a deep sense of who you are and what you want your life to be.

We combine these insights with a thorough analysis of the quantitative aspects of your financial life. These include:

The deeper we go into the planning process, the more customized your plan becomes.

If you have kids, it reflects your plans for their education. If you own a business, it reflects your exit strategy. If you’re looking ahead to retirement, your plan accounts for when you’d like to stop working, and how you’d like to live once you do. If you’re already retired, it establishes guidelines for how you can live happily within your means.

This thoughtful planning work gives you a major emotional release.

Those unanswered questions that eat away at you now begin to have clear answers. Factors you hadn’t thought of are considered. Most importantly, you now have an entire team of specialists to stay on top of it all. You get to relax and focus on the parts of your life that give you the most joy and satisfaction.

Your custom financial plan does something else very important: It creates the specific context for your investment strategy. Now you’re no longer investing against an abstract benchmark. You’re investing in fulfilling your personal vision for your life.