Once you’ve articulated your values and dreams, we match them to your resources, lifestyle and financial obligations so you can envision a range of specific scenarios. Factored into this sophisticated projection are your net worth, spending habits, investments, compensation packages, retirement accounts, debt, taxes, estate plan and more.

The plan we create with you synthesizes all facets of your financial life into a single document. It incorporates goals like buying a new or second home, educating your kids, growing a business, traveling, giving back to the community, living your ideal retirement and whatever else inspires you. Then it defines the steps you need to take to realize your short-, mid- and long-range vision for your life.

Your financial plan creates the context for your personal investment strategy.
You’re no longer chasing growth for growth’s sake. Instead, your portfolio is now tuned to the specific target returns, time frames and risk tolerance defined in your financial plan.

Core questions we’ll address as part of our planning process:

  • What’s your net worth? How is it likely to change over time?
  • Have you accounted for major life events such as college for kids, buying a home and retirement?
  • Do your resources and saving plans match your retirement goals?

Our comprehensive process includes:

  • Developing a financial plan that reflects your ideas, concerns, values and dreams
  • Anticipating and planning for major milestones, including children’s education, weddings, retirement and more
  • Family income and expense projections
  • Annual cash flow projections
  • Annual review of progress toward your goals, with updates to assumptions
  • Integration of your financial plan with your investment strategies and goals
  • Consolidation of your entire financial life into a single framework

Once your plan is in place, you’re likely to discover a new sense of inner calm, as well as an increase in the time and energy you have to invest in your family, career and personal pursuits.


A brilliant financial plan inspires confidence — you can reach your financial goals and secure your legacy.

Amy Lange, Portfolio Manager