These are some of the elements that were essential to us. Experience told us they would translate into an invigorating experience for you:

  1. Extremely high standards

    Helping you strategize and operate your financial life requires 24/7 dedication. To do our job well, we need to be relentlessly committed to your success. That’s why we’ve built a high-powered team of extremely smart, caring, hard-working professionals to serve you.

    We constantly invest in deepening our capabilities, so we can do more for you. Our team currently includes ten Chartered Financial Analysts, four Certified Financial Planners, two Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisors, two attorneys, and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.

  2. Direct access to our expertise

    We want you to benefit from the intellectual tenacity of our entire firm. To realize that ideal, we’ve created a very flat structure. You work day-to-day with a core service team. When your team needs to tap additional expertise across a broad range of disciplines for you, they do it quickly and efficiently.

  3. Balance and diversity

    We’ve constructed our team to cover a wide range of investing and wealth planning disciplines — and to reflect our diverse family of clients. We bring together experts in investments, life planning, retirement planning, tax strategy, real estate transactions and much more.

    Our team encompasses both experience and youth. We have many women in key roles, and as equity owners in the firm. We’re ethnically diverse, too — a full one-fourth of our team members are foreign-born. For added stability and continuity, we’ve distributed ownership among 15 team members. All of this enhances your service experience — and your life.

  4. Warmth

    On one level, the work we do for you is about numbers, investments, estate plans and a lot more technical topics. Ultimately, though, it’s about people. Our relationship with you will feel personal from the beginning. It will become even more so over the years. Our Covington team members welcome that close connection.