Common questions

  • How do we best support our programs?
  • How do we balance our long-term mission with our short-term needs?
  • How can we build a customized portfolio to align the usage of funds with the organization’s defined mission?
  • Can we leverage your team members’ extensive non-profit experience?
  • Can you draft an Investment Policy Statement for the organization?

Services we provide

Investment management

We’ll help you create your investment policy statement, then we’ll develop customized investment strategies tailored to your specific needs. We’ll also monitor and benchmark performance on an ongoing basis.

Board and donor support

We help you educate board members, and receive in-kind donations of stock to operational accounts. Our extensive non-profit experience includes working closely with CIOs, investment committee members and board members.


We’re adept at providing strategic guidance as well as hands-on assistance in gathering data for auditors.


We provide the personalized administrative services and expertise your organization needs to succeed.

Rozeta Abovian, Senior Vice President